July 28, 2023 | Tips & Advice

Mega-Agent Angela Haldeman Shares What Brought Her Back To Keller Williams

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Angela Haldeman met with different brokerages to find support when her business was growing, however, she ultimately joined the Keller Williams Team.

“I made the transition, and it was seamless,” she says. “I ended up spending more time with my family the weekend of the transition than I have for probably close to a year. We still closed nine transactions without missing a beat that week, and 13 without missing a beat the following week.”

The Power of Leverage

“What really made the decision for me was that they never treated me like a statistic,” she says. “My business has now exploded, and I know that companies are interested in me because of that explosion.”

Through tools like Career Visioning, a big-picture statement on what you envision in your future career, and the KPA, a behavioural assessment that pinpoints the personality traits and strengths of talent, KW is able to hone in on what would alleviate the growing pains Haldeman had been experiencing – and what would allow that growth to continue.

Tools for a Seamless Transition

As Haldeman prepped for the transition, she also braced emotionally for the disruption that a major change could cause in her business. The reality turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

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