July 28, 2023 | Events

King’s 6 Keys To Building A Life Of Limitless Possibilities

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As the newly appointed president of KWRI responsible for the company’s continuous growth, Marc King has one resounding theme in his mind: Limitless possibilities. “I think it aligns with everything we do at Keller Williams,” the executive shares.

  1. Grow where you’re planted. “I also think that there is an opportunity in the people that you surround yourself with, the company you are with, the way you think. If you wake up every day and you challenge the status quo and you believe in something bigger than yourself, there’s nothing you can’t do.”
  2. Live out your mission statement. King’s mission – to challenge the limited mindset of a predetermined destiny – is deeply informed by his own upbringing and journey.
  3. Never stop learning. “The lesson I’ve learned is that you’re never done growing,” he says. “Who’s challenging you to think bigger?”
  4. The secret is simple, not easy. “Follow The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Red Book), follow those four models, and build a big business.”
  5. Always show up for others. Another key to creating limitless possibilities for yourself is to create limitless possibilities for others around you.
  6. Embrace a fail forward philosophy. You are bound to make mistakes – and King insists that doing so and embracing them is an integral part of growing.

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