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Leverage Series: Career Visioning; 30-60-90; and Success Through Others with David Brosseau from KW Canada

Set your new hires up for success in their role within your organization! When you establish a purposeful first 90 days, you are ensuring that your new hire is highly engaged, forming the right habits and ready to help you fulfill the vision you have for your business.

The hiring process begins with the KPA and Career Visioning and continues with 30-60-90 – it doesn’t end on your new hire’s first day. This course will walk you through the entire onboarding process, from preparation to evaluation, maximizing your new hire’s success trajectory, and as a result, your own!


Identify the preparation steps that will support a smooth onboarding and training process

Master the art and science of setting expectations

Discover how to systematically and purposefully evaluate your hires to maximize their performance