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“Financing Solutions for a Shifted Market” with Mortgage Savvy

Based on SHIFT’s Tactic #10, this class helps you arm your business with proven financing solutions that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Know the options in financing and be ready with backup financing plans.

First, discover the tactics sellers can take in a shifting market to get their homes sold; second, learn the things buyers can do to get funding and make a purchase; and finally, find out about the options available to lenders.


  • Provide financing solutions for your buyers and sellers to help them overcome personal challenges with purchasing or selling.
  • Learn the IAC (Income, Asset, Credit) components of qualifying for a mortgage.
  • Discover what sellers can do in a changing market.
  • Discover what buyers can do in a changing market.
  • Discover what lenders can do in a changing market.
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