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Client Rentention Wksp - Get Your 33-Touch Up and Running

Do you have an updated 33-Touch......or ANY 33-touch?

The original Millionaire Real Estate Agent book was written in 2003 with it's recommended 33 touch, 8x8, and 12 Direct lead generation models.

These models must be updated for 2017, and beyond, due to advances in consumer behavior, technology, and the lower home turn over trends nationally.

In this training, you'll preview the new, updated "36 touch" database marketing plan to protect you from discount brokers, the increasing cost of online lead generation, and web platforms seeking to ultimately replace the real estate agent.

As Gary Keller says, "Your business is your database, and your database is your business."

In this session, you'll learn...

- Your new, updated definition of a "met"
- How to reconnect with your neglected database
- How to build your database (and what to say to get their email)
- What to send to someone immediately when you add them to your database
- The type of content to send to your database (and the frequency)

- Why sending out canned, pre-written content is not beneficial to you

- What results you can expect from a sustained database marketing plan

 .........and much, much more.

You must build (and communicate with) a permission-based database of local homeowners who see you as the local economist of choice and preeminent expert or trusted advisor to help them navigate a complex real estate transaction.

Join Aaron Kyte and Robin McDonald as they help you update and implement your communication campaigns!!

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