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“Double Your Income 2.0 - Session 3” with Glenn McQueenie

In these DYI sessions, we will go back to the proven models (the basics) and how that translates into going really deep in your Niche market, to receive the "Riches in the Niches". The simple truth is the the top agents in every market of North America primarily focus on one Niche market!  Our minimum expectation is that everyone increases their income by $100,000 to $300,000 in the next 12 months.

Executive Summary of Double Your Income Mastermind

1. Plan to show up to every class.

2. Goal of this mastermind is to leave every class with a proven, turn-key operating system for your business that will Double your current income in the following 12 months.

3. Discover the breakthrough you get when you spend 80% of your work time on tasks that give you Energy......not in the "stuff" that drains your energy.

4. You will understand the concept of Game 1 and Game 2.  Game 1 is everything you have learned and done before the mastermind, Game 2 is your new plan for the next 1-5 years.

5. Understand why everything starts with building momentum. Building momentum leads to having more energy, and because you love the people you are working with, that energy builds confidence for your clients to refer like-minded (and great people) to you!

6. Learn the secret to getting at least 4 more transactions from every listing you take.

7. You will learn that the secret to doubling your annual income begins with doubling your monthly and quarterly income, by focusing 80% of your energy on the next 2-5 people most likely to convert in the next 14 days.

8. Learn the mindset that is required for you to grow into your next income level. Doubling your income requires less time to do than what you are currently spending on your business.

9. You will book a vacation every 6 weeks.

10. Transition from an "I" (do everything) or "We" (do everything) business, to a "They" (do everything) business.

11. Discover all of the knowledge, wisdom and learning that occurs when you share 2 days with 12 like-minded people.

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