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“Door Knocking for Succe$$!!” with Josh Levesque

Whether you've never door knocked before or consider yourself a master, there will be something you can learn from this class. Josh will create a conversation within the class based on people's questions, fears, the success stories of others and what they did to get there.

Josh will be stressing the importance of geo-farming while using door knocking as your main form of lead generation.  Topics of discussion will include:


- How to pick a farm 

- How to develop a presence within that farm

- Importance of a database


- Keeping your mind strong through the process

- Overcoming rejection

- Removing the stigma of door knocking from your own mind

Knocking on doors

- When and where to do it

- Do's and Don'ts 

- Scripts and specific language

Success stories

- Tips and tricks I've learned along the way

- How I've overcome the odds and how you can as well

- Proof that anything is possible

You will leave this class feeling motivated and better equipped to actively generate some business!

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