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The Collaborative Wisdom Mastermind: For Production Level 120-179K GCI

September 4 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty
1-156 Duncan Mill Road
Toronto, Ontario M3B 3N2 Canada

Rich Fournier & Jaime Wagg

This real estate mastermind group consists of professional agents who are earning 120-179K+ in GCI, to provide a safe place to brainstorm, network, trade tips, and share successes, opportunities, and important industry-specific content, with a focus on lead generation, lead conversion and mindset!

One of the most important questions anyone in real estate sales could ever ask is: “How do I take my sales income to the highest level possible?” Believe it or not, it is a simple question with a simple answer. In this mastermind we will lay the “how-to” groundwork for you to think like a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. We will work together, step-by-step, learning how and implementing the practises to earn and net a million in annual incomes—active and passive.

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