Maximize The Space In Any Studio Apartment

Choose Monochromatic Colors to Create The Illusion Of Space

Monochromatic patterns are more peaceful as a rule. It creates a harmonious, visual look without drawing attention to itself which is an essential part of giving your space an organized and easy to navigate layout that has tons of visual appeal.

Use Your Walls And Ceiling

Don’t let your wall and ceiling space go unused. Wall mounted hooks or pegs can keep bags, coats, and so much more  off the floors.  Hang your pot racks or storage netting on the ceiling to fully maximize your space.


Utilize The Space Under Your Bed

You can add tons of usable storage space under the bed by raising it up using a few risers. You can also build in a loft area with drawers to add to the apartment’s square footage or simply find a bedframe with the drawers already built in!

Use Double Duty Furniture

Your furniture can have multiple uses to exceed your storage expectations! Double your dresser as a bedside table or place it at the foot of your bed for additional space. You can use a trunk as a coffee table or a rolling cart for extra countertop space and a dining table.

Divide With Care

A divider may seem like the perfect way to separate your living space however they can make your studio seem cluttered and choppy. If you feel the need for some division in your home try to stick with a divider that will let light come through or try to keep it on the shorter side.

Find The Perfect Sofa

There are endless options to making sure you find the perfect sofa for your space.  A scaled down sofa will give you all the comfort without overwhelming the space or use two lounge chairs if you just don’t have the space or need for a full couch. Also you can use throw pillows to transform your bed into a sitting area when guests come over.