Keller William Referred Urban - outpacing the real estate industry

So... let's talk numbers for a minute.

At Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty, we believe that our agents should know their numbers... and we know ours too. Having insight into where we're excelling (and what needs a bit more attention) allows us to be strategic about our growth.


We're looking to 10x our business... and so should you!


The last few months have been showing some interesting trends in Toronto. Home prices are UP year over year... but down from dizzying heights of this spring. And while home sales are down overall, the condo market is experiencing a surge in sales and price increases that is not being matched by detached homes.


What we're seeing is actually a market within the market.


There is always more of a story than simple numbers might show... and, as realtors, the more you know YOUR numbers and the numbers of our market, the more you're able to position yourself as a local expert.



Now let's talk about our numbers.

In the month of July, KWRU took 34% more listings than the TREB average.

And this is even more impressive when you look at the fact that our sales volume is up 26%, while TREB was down nearly 38%. That means that our agents were outperforming the TREB average by nearly 64% in closed volume.



One of the most impressive differences between KWRU and the board is in Listings Sold: while TREB was down 640 over last year,  KWRU was up 6%. In a market that is trending down, our agents are STILL knocking it out of the park, outperforming the board by nearly 50%.

And the same is true across KW as a whole. Or agents, internationally, are outpacing the industry in Listings Sold and Listings Sold by Volume.

How are they doing it? The secret is not a secret at all. It's a combination of training, coaching, technology and culture that sets KW apart and provides the support and environment to help our agents survive and thrive no matter what is happening in the market.

People will always need to buy and sell homes... we just need to find them.

If you'd like to know how our agents are doing it, why not book a free 1/2 hour business consultation with our Team Leader... it's that easy!

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Aaron Kyte