The NEW 36 Touch System



Your database is your business and your business is your database. It’s as simple as that.

Some studies say 72% of people want to do business with their realtor again; on average, 9% actually do. Other studies say 83% say they would and only 17% do. Either way… that’s a HUGE GAP. And you can fix it! Your job is to TRAIN your contacts to reach out to you for everything about homes and real estate.

A 36 Touch is a system for you to stay in touch with your database so that when it comes time for them to ask any questions about Real Estate, they can’t think of ANYONE else they’d rather ask. It’s a way to connect, REconnect, stay in touch and to train your database to stay in touch with you.





Your ‘mets’ should be on your 36 Touch.






When the 33 Touch was first created, a ‘met’ was anyone you knew… and who knew you. And it usually was someone with whom you had a personal connection.

NOW, we define a ‘met’ as anyone whose contact details you have and knows that you are in real estate. A met is someone who would recognize your name and, with the new CASL laws in mind, someone you have permission to send things to.





Get it. Get permission. Call people and say something like this:

It was great meeting you the other day/ Sorry we haven’t chatted in a while/ How have you been?

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new system set up that could keep you up to date on the real estate market in your area. Would you mind if I added you to that system? I might also give you an occasional call when something really interesting is happening like a really interesting piece of news or if I’m running a contest or a free event. Is that okay?





Here are some general ideas and rules for the CONTENT you send:

Show your database that you are knowledgeable. If you are NOT knowledgeable, fix that.

SHOW your database that you’re successful in real estate without TELLING them you’re successful in real estate: Just Listed, Just Sold, Oops! I did it again! Any message you like.

Give the kind of information that people would normally have to hunt for… or pay for… and your job is to show that you can INTERPRET that information!

This is actually a GREAT time to start reaching out to your database because PEOPLE HAVE QUESTIONS!

Why not do a video market update… just talk about what your team leader talks about at the sales meeting and recycle that!

Also, remind your clients and database that you have plumbers, contractors, roofing experts, etc for them at all times. They should NEVER have to look elsewhere for home questions.





Short communication, dedicated to your city and their concerns.


Call them FOUR times per year. This. Is. Non. Negotiable.

How many people are in your database? How many calls is that per month/per week/ per day.

In general, people don't tend to pick up the phone as much as they used to. Be different. Be the agent who really reaches out and asks questions and offers your help.


Do TWO client events each year

Think about movie nights, pies at Thanksgiving, BBQ, rent a shredding truck around tax season, neighbourhood garage sale, ice cream truck rental at a park. These types of events don't have to cost a ton. In fact, you could even pair with your service providers (see above) or other agents to create bigger events and offset costs. Be creative!

Here are some examples from the Van Poole Properties Team in Dallas TX.

A Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway: “We invite our clients to the office to pick up a pie or bundt cake they can take to their Thanksgiving meal. The first year we did it, we gave away 50 and received seven referrals. Last year we gave away 450 and received 15 referrals as a result."

A Fall Festival: “After seeing our clients post adorable photos of their kids at pumpkin patches and fall festivals, we had an idea – why not host our own? So, five years ago, we kicked off our annual fall festival where we invite clients to a pumpkin patch with their families. We offer free food, face painting and other fun children’s activities. When we started we had 70 guests, and last year we had between 200-250 people.”

Spring Portraits in the Park: During the spring, Van Poole hosts a special event for VIP clients called “Portraits in the Park” where she hires professional photographers and offers clients complimentary photo sessions.

“The event is very personal. We’ve done everything from engagement photos to maternity photos, senior photos, headshots and everything in between. The photo shoots give us the opportunity to really engage with our clients one-on-one.”

A Summer Movie Ticket Giveaway: The newest event that the Van Poole team added to their client-appreciation repertoire is a summer movie ticket giveaway. “Last year, we received 25 Yelp reviews as a result of the event. Yelp has helped us close eight transactions.”



Offer FOUR promotions per year

Think about ways to provide value for your clients - discount from a vendor (eg. 10% off with a local eavestrough cleaning service, or a roofer, contractor, plumber, garden supply store, etc.), or a free service, restaurant offer, free home price assessment

These kinds of promotions provide GREAT value to your clients,  but also create relationships between you and local vendors who could potentially give YOU more business as well.

Touch them every other week via email… preferably a video email. TWENTY SIX emails.

12 of the steps should be a monthly market update and it can be the monthly infographic from the office. Or a video of you discussing what was talked about in the monthly sales meeting.





No. You don’t.

But if you don’t, someone else will.

Build a wall around your database so they know that it’s YOU they come to when they have questions.




36 Touches? I feel like I’m touching people too much!

People are information hungry and if you’re providing valuable information or good offers, is there such a thing as too much? People can also opt out at any time.




Social groups? Church groups? Sports affiliations? Knitting groups? Cheese appreciation groups?

Do things to meet people - can this person be in my database?
LinkedIn - you can export the contacts directly
Facebook - use this to jog your memory
Gmail account - scroll through
Past Clients - from any other database.
How many contacts do you have in your phone… can they be in the database?

Aaron Kyte