Coaching is the most important ingredient in your recipe for success

Training, education and coaching. Along with technology and culture, they're the cornerstones of what sets KW apart.

It's no surprise that coaching and accountability help top performers to the next level whether you're a high school athlete, or an olympic athlete. But the same basic theories hold true across all sports and industries.

Haven't we all done it? At the gym, at work, even in our own homes... most of us don't push ourselves to our absolute limits at all times. We cut ourselves slack, say 'I'll do more next time' or 'I'll push harder tomorrow.'

That's how a coach can help. And the benefits of coaching are well known...

But check out THIS ARTICLE from Scientific American to see new data about how coaching not only HELPS, but can MAKE OR BREAK an olympic athlete. And then think about your own goals, and how much a coach could help you.

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Aaron Kyte