Create a Newsletter that makes Google LOVE you!

We all wish we had more time.

We all wish we had an assistant.

That's a given. Now, let's get over it.

Our businesses are ours to run and if you've been wanting to climb the google rankings AND stay in touch with your clients and sphere more often, here's a really efficient way to do it:


Create a blog and use it as your newsletter. OR, always post your newsletter as a blog.

It's that easy. It's just a few more steps and you're probably MORE than doubling the impact you can have with your content.

Think of it this way:  You want to stay top of mind with your existing sphere. No matter what database you use, you should be staying in touch regularly with your people. These people WANT to know more about the market... and, let's be honest, even if they don't read the newsletter, it helps for them to be reminded that you're there to help them and available to answer any questions.

In addition to your existing contacts, I'm guessing you also want MORE business. Being more searchable on the internet is a great way to do this. And the best way to be more findable on the internet is to increase your online presence. Build a Google Business Page, create a Facebook business page, and update your website regularly with, among other things, a blog.

So... if you are one of those agents who wishes they had a newsletter or wishes they updated their website more often, YOU CAN BE.

Here's an example:

Jason Cheese, from The Price Real Estate Team creates a monthly blog. Then, he sends that link out to his clients each month with a note saying that his Monthly Newsletter is now up.

So what he's doing is reaching out to clients (GREAT), increasing traffic to his website (GREAT) and adding content to his website (ALSO... GREAT).

See Jason's newsletter blog HERE.

If you're nervous about how to do this, here's a video giving an example using existing Keller Williams technologies - your eEdge system and your Placester website.

But if you don't use these technologies, most websites allow you to create a blog or at least add content to your site.... and any CRM should allow you to send out a link.

So, without further ado. Here's how you do it!

And once you've emailed out your newsletter, don't forget to ALSO post the link on your Google Business Page, your LinkedIn, your Facebook Business page and any other social media you use.

Maximize your work!

If you try this out, let me know how it's working for you. Just use the comment section below.

And if you're NOT a Keller Williams Referred Urban agent, but want to know more about the technologies you see here, please reach out! These technologies are FREE to all Keller Williams agents and can help you build your business!